A brand’s story is its community. “A Reunion 15 Years in the Making” is a great example of the work I do working across teams in an organization to find news from within a community that will tug on viewers’ heartstrings, and result in likes, comments, and shares that expand a brand’s reach. This video achieved over 4,300 views and organically reached 7,200 users on Faceboo.


The content that tells your brand’s story needs to educate, entertain, and excite your audience in equal measure. Brief clips like “‘I Love It’ When Stags Get on GMA” do all three. I shot this while a Good Morning America team redesigned a Fairfield University RA’s dorm room, and shared to Fairfield’s social media to let followers know the GMA segment would be airing soon. This teaser trailer received over 13,000 views across Facebook and Instagram, and organically reached over 50,000 users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Sometimes, the best things that can be on your social media accounts are happening right now. I shot, edited, and shared this brief Fairfield University Move-In Day clip with only my iPhone in 10 minutes during the event. It was a small effort, and it resulted in content that received over 7,300 views, and organically reached over 15,000 users, in less than 24 hours.


More often than not, followers just want to have fun, and I can deliver. I got crafty with this video, a parody of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, sticking my iPhone to the windshield of a Fairfield University golf cart and going for a drive with members of Sweet Harmony, the all-female student ensemble. After a quick edit, this posted as part of my holiday season social content strategy to Facebook, where it received over 4,300 views, and organically reached over 8,300 followers, in under 24 hours.


Great video is a part of a great strategy that uses content to educate, entertain, and excite not only your existing fans, but the customers and followers you have yet convert. This video, including a mix of interview footage I shot and edited together with royalty free footage found on Pixabay, is a great example of how I used video to show Fairfield University’s followers what the institution can do for local and national communities. This was also a piece of timely content released on Veteran’s Day. When it published, it received over 5,000 views, and organically reached over 15,000 Facebook and LinkedIn followers, in less than 24 hours.